1 LOGO RFIAs every year, on the occasion of  the Francophone Society of Diabetes (SFD) “Thematic Day”, the Francophone Foundation for Research on Diabetes (FFRD) organized its press conference which announce the laureates of its research grants.

This year, because of  high quality of the projects, the FFRD decided to support 4 Francophone researchers teams among them a Cameroon one lead by  Prof. Eugène Sobngwi, endocrinologist at the Central Hospital in Yaoundé – Cameroun.

He explained on RFI radio which interviewed him about his clinical research project “Unravelling the pathophysiology of  Comorbid INfectious diseases and DIAbetes: the CINDIA study” that his project goal is to better identify the heterogeneity factors of the type 2 diabetes in Africa in a context of  physiopatological interactions between this atypical diabetes and some infectious diseases developed in Africa.