Diabetes is a major public health challenge due to its frequency, the seriousness of its complications and the high costs that it incurs.

Despite its vital relevance, medical research is a difficult sector and the Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research is working to raise the required funds for the development of scientific advances in the field of diabetes and metabolic diseases.

Thanks to its generous donors, the FFRD finances innovative and international research programs, to improve patients’ lives and facilitate their care.

Donating means to be involved with our Foundation to support research on diabetes and metabolic diseases.

It means to be sure that your donation will be used effectively in implementing and deploying clinical or preclinical research projets, that will advance medical knowledge on this disease.

The Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research is committed to full transparency towards its partners and donors and committed to keeping them informed of any progress or discovery regarding the research projects which are funded through their generosity.

Make tomorrow, more and more diabetic patients could benefit from advances in research…