President’s foreword

Diabetes mellitus affects 5% of the French population and is a major burden for the persons living with this chronic disease, with potentially serious complications and high costs induced. Major and continuous improvements have been made for a botter understanding of the mechanisms of the disease and its complications, and for its monitoring and treatment as well. Further and continuous support of fundamental and clinical research is needed in order to keep improving knowledge and care. Research is both experimental and clinical and is conducted with and for the patients. However, the existing means are not adequate to meet the needs.


Research is supported by public agencies (INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research), CNRS (French National Centre of Scientific Research)), patient associations (French Federation of Diabetics (FFD), scientific societies (French speaking Society of Diabetes (SFD). To further support research, the SFD established in 2013 the Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research (FFRD), which lias the unique goal of “promoting and supporting research on diabetes and metabotic diseases, particularly through public and private collaboration” and supports large research projects, selected by independant international experts.


Since its creation, the FFRD has supported 24 research projects submitted by candidates from different French speaking countries for a total amount of 6,5 million Euros.

In 2020, during the pandemic, the FFRD supported two research projects on the impact of Covid-19 in persons living with diabetes. The Foundation also promotes a large cohort including people living with type 1 diabetes, aming at better understanding the determinants of cardiovascular complications in this population.


All this is possible thanks to the generous sponsors, namely, the French Federation of Diabetics, and the following pharmas:Abbott,Astra-Zeneca, Eli Lilly, Merck Sharp and Dohme, Novo-Nordisk, Sanofi and Roche. The FFRD is seeking for new partners to further support diabetes research.


Professeur Hélène Hanaire, Présidente de la FFRD