img-main-homeCreated in 2013 at the initiative of the Francophone Society of Diabetes (SFD) with the support of the French Federation of Diabetics, the Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research (FFRD) has the unique goal of “promoting and supporting research on diabetes and metabolic diseases, particularly through public and private collaboration”.

The research projects supported by the Foundation therefore aim to better understand the epidemiology and the pathophysiology of diabetes and its complications, to assess the provision of treatment, to develop the basic research on the disease in order to achieve better management of diabetic patients.

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The Francophone Society of Diabetes (SFD) is setting up a cohort of patients with type 1 diabetes with the support of the Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research (FFRD), which will be the promoter.
This project is ambitious since it should include 15,000 patients, with a follow up every 3 hears for 9 years.
The funding for this ambitious national project will be achievable in part thanks to industry partners involved in the traitment of type 1 diabetes.
The companies Ely Lilly, Sanofi et Air Liquide are already involved but others are interested and should join us soon.

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