The FFRD consists of a General Committee (President, Vice-president, Secretary General, Treasurer and President of the Scientific Council), a Board of Directors (4 commissions of 4 members and a Government Commissioner) and a Scientific Council (16 members, including the President of the Scientific Council of the SFD).


Pr Michel Marre : President
Mr Claude Chaumeil : Vice-President
Pr Jean-Pierre Riveline : Secretary General
Pr Bernard Bauduceau : Treasurer
Pr Jean Girard : President of the Scientific Council
Mme Stéphanie Nougaret : Administration & Communication


The Scientific Council is comprised of 16 members

Prof. Jean Girard (President)
Prof. Christian Boitard (Vice President)
Prof. Pierre-Yves Benhamou
Prof. Fabrice Bonne
Prof. Lyse Bordier
Dr. Anne Bouloumié
Prof. Gilles Chatellier
Prof. Decio Eizirik
Prof. Pierre Gourdy
Prof. Pedro Luis Herrera
Prof. Jean-Christophe Jonas
Dr. Roberto Mallone
Prof. Jean-François Tanti
Prof. Michel Marre
President of the Foundation
Prof. Jean-Pierre Riveline
Secretary General of the Foundation
Prof. Gilles Mithieux
President of the SFD Scientific Council
The Administrative Council is comprised of 12 members and a government commissioner.
Four members of the Founding Committee
Prof. Michel Marre : President
Professor Department Chief at Bichat Hospital [Hôpital Bichat], Paris
Prof. Jean-Pierre Riveline : Secretary General
Professor at Lariboisière Hospital [Hôpital Lariboisière], Paris
Prof. Bernard Bauduceau : Treasurer
Professor from Val-de-Grâce Hospital, retired
Prof. Hélène Hanaire
Professor Department Chief at Rangueil Hospital [Hôpital Rangueil], Toulouse
Four members of the Institutional Partners
The President of INSERM or his representative : Prof.  Christian Boitard
Diabetology Department at Hôtel Dieu Hospital [Hôpital Hôtel Dieu]
The President of the AFD or his representative : Mr Claude Chaumeil
The President of the French National Health Insurance Fund (CNMSS) or his representative : Mr Christian Perrichot
The President of the French Academy of Medicine or his representative : Pr Claude Jaffiol
Four members of the Qualified Persons Committee
Prof. Bernard Charbonnel
University Professor Emeritus
Prof. Jean-Marie Desmonts
Previously PU PH at Bichat Hospital [Hôpital Bichat], Paris,
Dr. Eveline Eschwège
INSERM Honorary Director of Research, epidemiologist
Mr Raphaël Hadas-Lebel
Honorary Section President of the Council of State 
Government Commissioner
Prefect Catherine Delmas-Comolli