The FFRD consists of a General Committee (President, Vice-president, Secretary General, Treasurer and President of the Scientific Council), a Board of Directors (4 commissions of 4 members and a Government Commissioner) and a Scientific Council (16 members, including the President of the Scientific Council of the SFD).

Prof. Hélène Hanaire : President
Mr Claude Chaumeil : Vice-President
Prof. Jean-Pierre Riveline : Secretary General
Prof. Lyse Bordier : Treasurer
Prof. Jean Girard : President of the Scientific Council
Mme Stéphanie Nougaret : Administration & Communication

The Scientific Council is comprised of 16 members

Prof. Jean Girard (President)
Prof. Christian Boitard (Vice President)
Prof. Pierre-Yves Benhamou
Prof. Lyse Bordier
Dr. Anne Bouloumié
Prof. Gilles Chatellier
Prof. Fabienne Foufelle
Prof. Pedro Luis Herrera
Dr. Roberto Mallone
Prof. Ronan Roussel
Prof. Raphaël Scharfmann
Prof. André Scheen
Prof. Jean-François Tanti
Prof. Hélène Hanaire
President of the Foundation
Prof. Jean-Pierre Riveline
Secretary General of the Foundation
Prof. Bruno Fève
President of the SFD Scientific Council
The Administrative Council is comprised of 12 members and a government commissioner.

Four members of the Founding Committee
Prof. Hélène Hanaire : President
Professor Department Chief at Rangueil Hospital, Toulouse
Prof. Jean-Pierre Riveline : Secretary General
Professor at Lariboisière Hospital [Hôpital Lariboisière], Paris
Prof. Lyse Bordier : Treasurer
Professor from Val-de-Grâce Hospital, Medical Officer at Begin
Prof. André Scheen
Professor at UHC in Liege, Belgium

Four members of the Institutional Partners
The President of INSERM or his representative : Prof. Christian Boitard
Diabetology Department at Hôtel Dieu Hospital [Hôpital Hôtel Dieu
The President of the AFD or his representative : Mr Claude Chaumeil
The President of the French National Health Insurance Fund (CNMSS) or his representative : Mr Christian Perrichot
The President of the French Academy of Medicine or his representative : Prof. Claude Jaffiol
Four members of the Qualified Persons Committee
Prof. Nicolas Danchin
Professor, Cardiologist at the European Hospital Georges Pompidou
Prof. Jean-Marie Desmonts
Previously PU PH at Bichat Hospital [Hôpital Bichat], Paris,
Mr Jean-Paul Delevoye
President at the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council
Mr Raphaël Hadas-Lebel
Honorary Section President of the Council of State
Government Commissioner
Prefect Catherine Delmas-Comolli