1- Terms

The call for proposals for the 2019 FFRD Research Grants was open on 18 February.

For this seventh edition, the Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research planned to support 3 research projects: 1 Clinical research project, 1 basic research project and 1 translational project of 300K€ each, giving a total of almost 1 million Euros.

This call for proposals is intended for Francophone researchers groups only.

The application forms must be submitted EXCLUSIVELY IN ENGLISH, with an abstract in French AND in English, in PDF FORMAT ONLY, by filling in the submission form.

Projects must not exceed 8 pages, except abstract, CV and references.

The Scientific Council has to meet on Monday 7 October to preselect candidates who will be interviewed on Monday 4 November.

2- Preselected

We would like to thank all candidates for their interest in the Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research – FFRD – through their response to its call for proposals from 18 February to 13 May.

For this seventh consecutive year, the FFRD received more than 30 application files.

After a very close review of the projects, first evaluated by 3 appointed external experts, and then examined  at the meeting of the Scientific Council of
 7 October:

8 candidates have been selected for a face-to-face interview for the Scientific Council which held in the FFRD‘s offices in Paris, on Novembre 4th:

  • Dr Cyrielle CAUSSY, Lyon
  • Prof Miriam CNOP, Bruxelles
  • Prof Bruno FEVE, Paris
  • Dr Patrick GILON, Bruxelles
  • Prof Kamel MOHAMMEDI, Bordeaux
  • Dr Xavier PRIEUR, Nantes
  • Dr Soraya TALEB, Paris
  • Dr Guillaume WALTHER, Avignon


The Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research congratulates them!

The FFRD finally supported 4 research projects: 1 clinical research project, 1 basic research project, of €300.000 each, and 2 translational research projects of €150.000 each, which means almost 1 million Euros for this year, once again!

The finale decision of the Scientific Council has been known following the interviews meeting of November 4th when the 4 new recipients of the 2019 FFRD Research Grants have been selected.