FFRD recipients – 2019

This year, four candidates are awarded the 2019 FFRD Research Grants

Basic Research Project
Miriam CNOP, Center for Diabetes Research – ULB in Brussels (Belgium)
Project: « Modeling endoplasmic reticulum stress and diabetes using stem cell-derived human beta cells ».
Amount: 300.000€

Clinical Research Project
Kamel MOHAMMEDI, Faculty of Medicine – University Hospital in Bordeaux (France)
Project: « Prognostic determinants in patients with Diabetic Food ulcer – A French prospective multi center cohort ».
Amount: 300.000€

Translational Research Projects
Xavier PRIEUR, University in Nantes (France)
Project: « Seipin deficiency as a model of adipocyte dysfunction ».
Amount: 150.000€

Guillaume WALTHER, Cardiovascular Laboratory University in Avignon (France)
Project: « Are non-nutritive sweeteners safe? To decipher the effect on glucose metabolism and vascular function ».
Amount: 150.000€