The Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research has just finalized the awarding of its Research Grants for 2021.

After discussion, the Board of Directors is please to announce that, for this year, 2 candidates were awarded the 2021 FFRD Research Grants, with two Grants of €300.000 each.

Pr Mariana IGOILLO-ESTEVE, ULCB Center for Diabetes, Bruxelles – Belgium, for her Basic Research project « Unveiling the contribution of TRMT10A déficience-mediated tRNA fragmentation and impaire m6A methylation to the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes ».

Pr Etienne LARGER, Head of Department, Cochin Hospital in Paris – France, for his Clinical Research project « Single autoantibody-positive diabetes: is it always type 1, immune mediated, diabetes?  »

The recipients of the 2021 FFRD Research Grants will have the opportunity to present their clinical and basic projects at a press conference, that will be organized by the FFRD in the first quarter of 2022 (upcoming schedule).