Research grants – 2016

The Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research has just finalized the awarding of its Research Grants for 2016.

After discussion, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that, for this year, 3 candidates were awarded the 2016 FFRD Research Grants, with 3 Grants of €300.000 each.

• Pr Emmanuel COSSON, Jean Verdier Hospital in Bondy – France, for his Clinical Research Project « Reduction of Insuline thérapie under myoinositol for the treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus: a Randomized Multicenter and Prospective Trial. (MYO-GDM study) »

• Dr David DOMBROWICZ, Inserm,  Pasteur Institute in Lille – France, for his Basic Research Project « Treg-specific regulation of T2 diabetes by the nuclear receptor RORalpha »

• Dr Nicolas VENTECLEF, Inserm UMR_S1138, Cordeliers Research Center in Paris – France, for his Translational Research Project « Decoding a specific epigenetic signature that sensitizes T2D susceptibility »

The 3 recipients of the 2016 FFRD Research Grants have had the opportunity to present their clinical, basic and translational projects at the Press-lunch, organized by the FFRD, on 8 December 2016 at the Alcazar Restaurant (Paris 6).