Thanks to its generous donors, since its creation in 2013, already 6,5 million Euros have been invested in 24 clinical, basic and translational research projects, from €150.000 to €300.000, each.

24 teams of promising Francophone researchers were rewarded !

  • Abbott pharmaceutical company
  • AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company
  • Lilly pharmaceutical company
  • MSD pharmaceutical company
  • Novo Nordisk pharmaceutical company
  • Roche pharmaceutical company
  • Sanofi pharmaceutical company

As them, support the Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research and become our partner so that the research on diabetes and metabolic diseases moves forward…

  • Involve your company and promote its image by becoming a participant in the innovative advances of the future,
  • Associate your name or that of your company to the activities of the Foundation in its fight against diabetes and metabolic diseases, a major public health challenge,
  • Use your notoriety to promote research by giving your support to the researchers and the FFRD.