Individuals, if you want to donate to The Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research, you have 2 possibilities:


Donate a legacy to the benefit of The Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Researchit’s a way of leaving all or a part of your heritage through an act of generosity, after your death, to help researchers who are fighting against diabetes.

Through your will:
Your heirs (children and husbands) have obviously to be given priority but you may freely dispose of a part (also called divisible portion) that you may transmit as you wish.

The legacy allows you to name beneficiaries of your heritage, after your death, in perfect accordance with your last will as recorded at your notary’s office.

Through your life insurance:
Choosing the Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research as the beneficiary or one of the beneficiaries of your life insurance, you continue to participe, after your death, to a cause you were supporting during your lifetime…


As for the will but during your life, you can decide to transmit a part of your heritage (money, personal property or real estate) to the benefit of the Foundation, while respecting the rights of your heirs (if you are concerned).

This donation has to be signed at a notary’s office and will allows the Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research to take advantage of it immediately.

You can also support us in different ways…

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The Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research
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