The FFRD is only able to fund research projects because of you, individuals, sponsors, donors, etc
By supporting the Foundation, which is state-recognised as serving the public interest, you will receive tax incentives.

Businesses, your subsidy entitles you to a tax deduction of 60% of the amount paid.

Sponsors, your contribution entitles you to a tax deduction on income tax of 66% of the amount paid (up to a limit of 20% of your net taxable income) or a reduction in French Real Estate wealth tax (IFI, former ISF) of 75% of the amount paid (up to a limit of €50,000) which means a contribution equal to €66,667.

Don’t hesitate… Invest your wealth tax (IFI) in tomorrow’s innovations and help achieve better management of diabetic patients.


We particularly thank our industriel partners Abbott, AstraZenecaLillyMSDNovo Nordisk, Roche and Sanofi, which are supporting the FFRD since its creation, for their confidence and their commitment in the fight against diabetes with helping us to promote research projects that are international in scope and which  allowed the FFRD, thanks to their renewed supportto provide 20 FFRD Research Grants since 2013 with €5,3 million distributed!