The FFRD has just finalized the awarding of its Research Grants for 2019.

After discussion, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce you that this year 4 candidates are awarded the 2019 FFRD Research Grants, including 2 €300.000 Grants and 2 €150.000 Grants, that is to say almost 1 million Euros !

The 4 récipients of the FFRD call of proposals for 2019 are:

  • Pr Miriam CNOP, Center for Diabetes Research – ULB in Brussels (Belgium) for her Basic research projectModeling endoplasmic reticulum stress and diabetes using stem cell-derived human beta cells” ;

  • Pr Kamel MOHAMMEDI, Faculty of Medicine – University Hospital in Bordeaux (France) for his Clinical research project“Prognostic determinants in patients with Diabetic Food ulcer – A French prospective multi center cohort” ;

  • Dr Xavier PRIEUR, University in Nantes (France) for his Translational research project: “Seipin deficiency as a model of adipocyte dysfunction” ;

  • Dr Guillaume WALTHER, Cardiovascular Laboratory University in Avignon (France) for his Translational research project: “Are non-nutritive sweeteners safe? To decipher the effect on glucose metabolism and vascular function“.


The FFRD finalized the awarding of its Research Grants for 2018.

After discussion, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that, for this year, 3 candidates were awarded the 2018 FFRD Research Grants, with 3 Grants of €300.000 each.

Dr Agnès LEHUEN, Cochin Institute in Paris – France, for his Clinical Research Project « Crosstalk between MAIT cells and the gut microbe and mucosa in the development of type 1 diabetes in children) »

• Dr Fabienne FOUFELLE, Cordeliers Research Center in Paris – France, for his Basic Research Project « Dihydrocermaides: novel actors involved in Non alcoholic fatty liver diseases and type 2 diabetes progression »

• Dr Hubert VIDAL, Inserm, Inra, University in Lyon – France, for his Translational Research Project « PROBIODIAB: Probiotics as a new treatment for type 2 diabetes »

The 3 recipients of the 2018 FFRD Research Grants have had the opportunity to present their clinical, basic and translational projects at the Press-breakfast, organized by the FFRD, on 12 December 2018 at the Hôtel Vernet (Paris 8).

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