The Francophone Foundation for Diabetes Research – FFRD finalized the awarding of its Research Grants for 2018, following the day of earrings which hold on November 5th.

After discussion, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that, for the second time, 3 candidates were awarded the 2018 FFRD Research Grants, for a total amount of almost 1 million Euros distributed.

The 3 recipients of the 2018 FFRD Research Grants will have the opportunity to present their clinical, basic and translational projects at the coming press conference, organized by the FFRD, on December 12th at the Vernet hôtel (Paris 8).


The FFRD has just finalized the awarding of its Research Grants for 2017.

After discussion, the Board of Directors is pleased to announce that, for this year, 2 candidates where awarded the 2017 FFRD Research Grants, with two Grants of €300.000 each.

• Pr Philippe FROGUEL, Regional University Hospital Center in Lille – France, for his Clinical Research Project « The epigenetic impact of gestational diabetes mellitus on mother type 2 diabetes risk and offspring health: a system biology »

• Dr Raphael SCHARFMANN, Inserm Research Director in Paris – France, for his Basic Research Project « Reconstructing human pancreatic organogenesis »

The 2 recipients of the 2017 FFRD Research Grants have had the opportunity to present their clinical and basic projects at the Press breakfast, organized by the FFRD, on 9 November 2017 at the Flora Danica (Paris 8).


The Professor Michel MARRE, President of the FFRD, and the Professor Jean GIRARD, President of the Scientific Council, are announcing “in live” the 2017 FFRD Research Grants recipients, on the occasion of the SFD Thematic Day, which held on December 15th, 2017, in the Pasteur Institute in Paris (in French).


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